XK FM community radio station based in Platfontein outside Kimberley in the Northern Cape is also marking the milestone of the SABC, as the public broadcaster celebrates 85 years this year.

XK FM was founded to preserve Nxuu! and Khwedam languages and their culture. The station was founded in 2008.

The idea to form the radio station came about when community leaders were concerned about the children who were starting to mix their languages, Nxuu! and Khwedam with Afrikaans they were taught at school, when they relocated from Namibia to Schmidstrift in South Africa.

“They approached one of the teachers who advised them to go to Radio Sonder Grense on how they can preserve the language. That’s where they were advised to go and do a presentation to ICASA. Where ICASA gave the community a broadcast licence in 2000,”  says XK FM station manager Regina Beregho.

The Khoisan community members say they are grateful to the SABC for XK FM.

“I’m happy that SABC is now 85-years old, and I would like to congratulate them on their birthday. I am also happy that through SABC we are able to listen to XK FM to get information, and also entertainment. As SABC is celebrating 85-years today I am happy that to have my own community radio station because SABC has brought us everything easy with our own languages. We are listening to it and we are enjoying it,” says a Khoisan community member.

With the SABC celebrating its 85th birthday – Platfontein based XK FM envisions growth for the San station and hopes to have a reach that expands beyond South Africa’s borders. The station was a brainchild of a teacher who advised leaders on how their languages can be saved.

VIDEO: SABC celebrates 85 years: