The world’s longest over-ocean zipline has opened in Mossel Bay in the Western Cape.

It has attracted adrenaline junkies who have been gliding from the top of the rocky cliffs above the Point to the landing platform 1100 metres below.

The 1.1-kilometre long zipline allows tourists to travel at a speed of 80-kilometres per hour.

Mossel Bay resident, Assiya Asmal, was one of the first thrill-seekers to experience the zipline.

“I was a bit scared at first and quite shaky. But I enjoyed it. It was awesome. It was nice that I did it tandem so the guide did all the work for me and I just sat and enjoyed the ride. It was really beautiful. The view from the top is awesome.”

Mossel Bay Municipal Manager, Thys Giliomee, says they hope the new adventure activity will make their town an even more sought after destination…

“I think it’s really going to attract a lot of tourist. I think it’s an event that’s on most people’s bucket list and they will come to this town. And obviously if you here you’ll have to eat somewhere and you’ll have to sleep somewhere so it’s a major tourist attraction.”

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