World tango dancers flock to spiritual home Buenos Aires

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Over 500 tango dancers from Argentina and the world are congregating in Buenos Aires for a major festival of the dance in its spiritual home, with concerts, classes and a competition to compete for the international tango crown.

The event is the first full festival since the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year foreign contestants took part via Zoom.

“It is absolutely amazing, it is a dream for me to do this, just to be surrounded by the whole atmosphere of the place. The best dancers in the world are here,” said Emma Reyes, 37, a dancer from London.

At qualifying events, female dancers dressed up in heels and shiny dresses, while the men combed their hair straight in the style of historic Argentine tango icons.

Kozo Yamamoto, 74, a dancer from Tokyo, was delighted to be in the home of tango.

“It’s my first time and I just want to have a good time, because there are many good competitors. What I want most is to have fun and I will do my best,” he said.