World leaders should push for Youth BRICS Council: Chairperson of NYDA

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Chairperson of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Asanda Luwaca is optimistic that world leaders will head calls to establish the Youth BRICS Council.

She says it’s high time that young people find expression in influential forums so they can deal with the challenges that plague young people.

Last month, the NYDA hosted the 9th BRICS Youth Summit, which afforded young people amongst member states to share ideas and work on a concrete Action Plan for cooperation in the economic, humanitarian, mass media, and science spheres.

BRICS Youth Summit: 

She says through the council, young people in the country will be empowered and opportunities for employment will be created.

“Once we have established the council, we would have delegates and representatives from each member state to form part of that particular council. And really what we will aim to do is to continue the work of youth development across our respective countries. It will be an institutionalised council that will have reporting mechanisms programmes, regular meetings, so we can track and monitor the work of the BRICS Summit but through the establishment of the council to ensure that we hold those in a position to make decisions to account to young people.”