World cannot turn a blind eye to Palestinians’ suffering: Pandor

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Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Dr Naledi Pandor says the world cannot look away while millions of Palestinians are suffering in the Middle East.

Addressing delegates at a conference hosted by the labour organisation, Numsa, Dr Pandor says she will oppose Israel being granted observer status at the African Union.

This comes on the backdrop of the raging war between Israel and Hamas.

She has also called on the boycott of goods from Israel.

“The African Union Commission chairperson had issue an invitation to Israel to become an observer at the African Union. Imagine my horror. I decided, at that moment, that I would raise my arm and would propose that this decision be rescinded. I walked around the room seeking support of 54 nations I got three and I include SADC in that. But I said nevertheless this is not gonna happen.

ANC pledges solidarity with Palestine:

Former Minister of Intelligence, Ronnie Kasrils says the decision taken by Israel to cut water and electricity supply to Gaza is a violation of the human rights.

Speaking at the  International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference in Johannesburg, Kasrils says Palestinians have a right to freedom in their land and has called on delegates at the conference to fight injustices around the world.

“We have seen already a million in the streets of the world and we will see the millions grow to tens of millions, north, south, east and west from where we all come. And let me remind ourselves of the great warrior Spartacus. Where is Spartacus?”

Inter’l Dilemmas of Humanity Conference I Numsa pledges solidarity with Palestine: