Animal welfare NGO, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, (PDSA) has raised concerns about the abuse of domestic animals.

PDSA’s Sandy Okkers was among a group of people who brought their dogs for prayer and blessings at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town as part of the World Animal Day.

Okkers says animals share the world with humans and should not be treated differently.

“Domestic animals. There’s lot of abuse in the areas we work in. We are currently running a campaign in our area, because we see puppies and kittens being dumped on our door steps. There’s a lot of abuse within the under-privileged communities.”

Meanwhile, the Dean of St George’s Catheral,  Reverend Michael Weeder, says people have a duty to look after their domestic animals.

“The animals are prophesying over the future. If they are not around we are going to suffer the consequences, and nature, in time, will recover long after we are gone, but we won’t be there. The legacy we leave will be a shameful one. We will be judged by this moment of neglect.”