Workers question agreement signed by unions and Post Office

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Workers at the South African Post Office are questioning the agreement signed by unions and the employers to withdraw retrenchments. They say they were not consulted on the “so-called agreement”.

In an agreement seen by the SABC, the unions and the Post Office are seeking a temporary employer/employee relief scheme known as TERS for a maximum of 12 months.

The Post Office and the unions say this move is to preserve employment or limit the effects of the retrenchments. Workers employed by the South African Post Office are not happy with the new agreement that halts retrenchments.

Speaking to the SABC, many say this is just an electioneering ploy, while others say it is a way to discourage a strike action set for the 29th of April. In a series of voice notes and text messages, workers have expressed their dissatisfaction.

In the agreement, the parties clarified that the withdrawal is conditional to the relief offered by TERS. It says that should the TERS application be unsuccessful, the parties will revert to their current positions.

“As a South African Post Office worker, I’m very much disappointed…useless agreement,” a worker said.

“to be honest, this agreement is a sellout position…still chowing our money,” another worker said.

“I want to know, where is the signature…these people are fooling us,” a worker explains.

“The time we got retrenchment letters it was painful…then what comrades?,” another worker elaborates.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) says it is still busy with engagements related to the agreement. The union has rejected the notion that it has sold out the workers.

“The workers that have been speaking to you, are being misled…misleading the workers,” says Nathan Bowers from CWU.

Video: Post Office workers question retrenchment agreement