Workers down tools at the Steve Tshwete Municipality, demanding removal of municipal manager

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Workers at the Steve Tshwete Municipality in Middelburg, Mpumalanga have downed tools demanding the removal of the municipal manager. The workers are accusing the municipal manager Bheki Khenisa of incompetence.

The alleged non-payment of salaries for the month of February has exacerbated the situation, prompting workers to embark on a strike. Apparently, last month, some workers were paid less than expected.

Worker’s representative Tshepo Masemula says some workers failed to honour their debit orders due to the alleged non-payment of salaries.

“Some of the people are not paid accordingly. In terms of the salary adjustments, they were paid R160; some were paid R60, which was very unfair because we had a municipality that we were benchmarking on and of which the data and the spread sheet that was used the municipal manager tampered with. That is why employees were not properly paid. So, nothing is happening. People are not paid salaries. (Saaries) did not go in and people’s stop order have been rejected,” says Tshepo Masemula.

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