Workers at the former Bosasa-controlled Lindela Repatriation Centre and Youth Development Centre say they are uncertain about the future of their jobs.

The property was sold for R60 million at an auction in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg, this week.

The repatriation centre accommodates over 6 000 illegal immigrants while the youth care centre accommodates 5 000 teens.

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Bosasa came under the spotlight at the State Capture Commission amid allegations that the politically connected company fraudulently benefited to the tune of billions in tenders after allegedly paying dodgy retainers and kickbacks.

“We’ve heard about other provinces that Bosasa was having youth development centres. All those youth centres now, they’re all under government and all those former employees of Bosasa, they are reporting to government which was our demand as employees ever since this issue started. But to our surprise, we, as Gauteng only, we remain under a new contract from a new service provider, which is the situation we’re in now. We are trying to adjust to a new system from the old system of Bosasa,” says Hulisani Nevodo, a Social Worker at the former Bosasa Youth Centre.