President Cyril Ramaphosa has encouraged learners to be diligent and disciplined at school and at home, to achieve exceptional results.

He was addressing learners at Siqongweni High School in Imbali Township in Pietermaritzburg.

Siqongweni High has achieved a matric pass rate of above 80 percent for the past five years.

President Ramaphosa took some time away from the ANC activities ahead of the party’s 107th anniversary celebrations on Saturday and the launch of the election manifesto.

He encouraged learners, educators and parents to work together.

“Good morning learners, good morning Mr President. Aah that’s very good. Thank you so much. We want nothing less than 100%. We have singled out your school so that it can be the top performing school and get 100%. will you give us 100, 100, 100 percent? Yes! That’s what I want to hear.”

President Ramaphosa has also called on learners to become part of the Presidential Reading Club.

He added, “I am encouraging young people to read as extensively as possible. I’m going to form the Presidential reading club, which is going to be brought throughout the country and I want you also to become part of that. In order for you to be a member of this club you must read at least 12 books a year.”