Women urged to take charge of their own empowerment

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Women must take charge of their own empowerment. This is the message from the newly elected ANCWL Deputy President, Sisi Nthombela, and Minister Susan Shabangu.

Minister Shabangu says a lot has been achieved since the historic 1956 women’s anti-pass law march, such as access to education. She urged young women to go to school and add to the country’s economy as, according to her, access to finances is still a challenge in South Africa when it comes to business.

She said women should rally amongst themselves to ensure true empowerment, such as envisioned by the women of 1956.

“They have the ability, they have the capacity,” says Shabangu.

Click below to watch the interview with the minister:

The newly elected Deputy President of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL), Sisi Nthombela, echoed this sentiment, adding that child abuse is a very serious issue.

The scourge of abuse of women and children is one that needs to be overcome by women themselves, says Nthombela, explaining that a change in mind-set is needed where women take charge of their own, and their children’s destinies. Click below to watch the interview with Nthombela:

National Women’s Day is being celebrated on Sunday in Sasolburg, with the month of August marking Women’s Month under the theme “Women, United in Moving South Africa Forward”.

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