Women in media share their experiences on Mother’s Day

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Some women in the media say they have developed a sense of guilt because of struggling to strike a balance between their careers and motherhood.

Today is International Mother’s Day on which South Africans have joined their counterparts in many other countries in celebrating.

On this special day, mothers are honoured for the important role they play in raising children. Journalist Nomalizo Mandela says mothers are faced with a difficult balancing act.

“Everything that you have imparted in them as a mother, you don’t have enough time, you still have to go to work. All those things are really the ones that make mothers just phenomenal.”

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Meanwhile, media personality, Sakina Kamwendo says International Mother’s Day brings back memories of the death of her daughter in 2016.

The day is celebrated in many parts of the world, including in South Africa. On the special day, women are honoured for the importance of their presence in the lives of their children, and the pivotal role they play in raising them.

Kamwendo explains her emotional struggle in dealing with the pain of losing a loved one.

“I don’t think anything can ever tramp losing a child, as a mother. And, I remember coming back to work and it actually makes me emotional just thinking about it. I came back to work and I had to be on the radio. And I remember I was not even present but I had to do what I had to do. But, at that moment, all I want to do is cry and at some point, the listeners could hear that. This is the authenticity that we bring.”

Singer Tamara Dey says she will celebrate Mother’s Day with her loved ones. Dey promises to make the most of this significant day.

“I mean my daughter is five. She will be joining me just now at a Mother’s Day performance. We do that every year, have my mom and my daughter come. It’s incredibly special, I mean she understands that Mummy is a singer. There have been a few moments when people have sort of recognised me. You know she is kindly wrapping her head around it all. But, it is a beautiful thing we share together music in our family. It’s something which has been a big part of our family.”

uMama Concert

Art of Superwoman will host the uMama Concert on Sunday at the NIROX Amphitheatre in homage to Mama Africa – the iconic Miriam Makeba.

Lovers of the arts and nature will be treated to a true artistic offering of a nostalgic journey to explore the true meaning of uMama as the concert aims to celebrate all mothers of our nation through song and dance.

Mothers Day I uMama Concert at the NIROX Amphitheatre will showcase formidable female artists