Women Forward launches its manifesto in Rustenburg

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The Women Forward political party has vowed to monitor that government implements the Gender-Based Violence declaration, recently signed by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The party, which advocates for the rights of women, launched its manifesto in Rustenburg in the North West.

It wants representation in parliament, where it says legislation meant to better the lives of women has been ignored for far too long.

Party president Nana Ngobese-Nxumalo says:”We are happy that the President realises how serious the issue of the scourge of violence is against women.”

“Now, what is important here, is that Women Forward should play its role to monitor that those things actually don’t only happen in town, they move on to the rural areas, to the peripheral areas, where it’s very difficult for many women to actually make their cases. ”

“We have to make sure that as Women Forward our role is to support what has actually been put in place, so that we don’t blame government when things don’t happen sometimes,” Ngobese-Nxumalo argued.

Women Forward (WF) was launched on the 25th June 2008. It’s contesting the 2019 elections nationally and in all provinces.