Women claim rights, land ownership in E Cape

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Women under the banner of the Inyanda National Land Movement in the Eastern Cape are demanding to be part of the decision-making processes on land and traditional issues.

The movement is made up of a collective of social movements, NGOs and activists that advocate for land and human rights in the province.

They are accusing traditional leaders in some parts of the province of denying them rights that men enjoy. They say in the 25 years of democracy they have not seen any improvement on issues of land ownership for women.

“The manner in which the land issue is addressed varies from one leader to another. At community level ,there are lot of issues. If there are ‘issuers’ that you don’t see eye-to-eye … like political issues with that kind of a leader, they  will use that against you because you are a woman. And if you’re outspoken, you can be punished and they will make sure you don’t get your benefit and your right because you got a ‘big mouth,’” says the movement’s Nomonde Phindani.