Women and Men against Child Abuse says it would have liked to have seen a heftier sentence for the woman caught on camera assaulting three children at a creche in Carletonville, west of Johannesburg.

Nelly Senwametsi (42) was sentenced to 5 years behind bars by the Oberholzer Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The video below is reporting on the outrage caused by Carletonville daycare teacher abuse video:

Senwametsi had been convicted on two counts of assault and one count of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

NGO spokesperson, Ngaa Morubedzi says, “As women and men against child abuse, we are pleased with even the 5-year sentence. I know we had called for 10 years. However, as the Magistrate [Jan Steyn] put forward with all other factors considered and given that in cases where there was no GBH charge, she would have walked away.”

“The 5-year sentence is at least enough to communicate and begin to set a precedent for our communities to say you know what, you don’t get away with beating children. But what we [would] have liked to see is a heftier punishment,” adds Morubedzi.

The video below, is reporting on the sentencing of the culprit: