Wits SRC sued

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Wits University’s Student Representative Council (SRC) says they have received a letter indicating that they are being sued by the institution. The university released a statement on Thursday claiming that it had issued multiple suspension orders to disruptors who transgressed the university’s rules.

This follows the interruption of some lectures at the Wits main campus in Braamfontein in Johannesburg.

Wits SRC President Aphiwe Mnyamana says they have engaged with their lawyers regarding the letter.

He briefed the media in Johannesburg.

“Yesterday we were supposed to meet with the vice-chancellor. On our way to the meeting, we received a letter from ENS which is the litigation company that Wits uses. So, Wits University has sued the SRC. And we have handed over the matter to our lawyers. So, it shows that there is arrogance from management. How do you demand a meeting with students then threaten them with a letter of suing. The vice chancellor has suspended one of the SRC members and as the SRC we consider that suspension null and void.”

Wits University SRC media briefing: 

Students embarked on a protest this week demanding that those with historic debt be allowed to register for the new academic year.

Mnyamana says the university can also afford to allow students with historic debt to register.

“Wits has the money to accommodate them. Wits last year was doing a centenary campaign and it has raised R2.7 billion. Shirona Patel is right to say I am a council member, and as council member, I am privy to this information. Hence as students we are this frustrated to say the university has money. The university has done this before. During the years of Adam Habib, the university was able to say students who are owing less than R120 000 can register. So, it is something that is feasible and not farfetched. So, as the SRC, we will continue to fight that cause.”