Witness says ‘tense mood’ followed Aggett’s death

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A former inmate who was detained at the then John Vorster Square Police Station Jabulane Ngwenya says the mood was very tense at the station on the day anti-apartheid activist Neil Aggett died.

Ngwenya has concluded testifying at the inquest into Aggett’s death in the High Court in Johannesburg.

Aggett was found hanging in his cell on the 5th of February 1982.

His family and some of Agget’s comrades have rejected the security branch police claims that he committed suicide.

Ngwenya believes Aggett was murdered during interrogation on the 10th floor before security branch officers brought him back to his cell at night and staged the scene.

“It was so tense that we were all quiet, it was not normal…like when they open cells and bring us food and so on. The policemen; you could see they’re not stable. I’m talking even about the security branch police themselves. They were not comfortable in the way they acted. Because at times you know they’d talk, ask ‘how are you, how did you sleep.’ I don’t even remember taking a shower on that day,” Ngwenya says.

Watch Ngwenya’s testimony below: