Willowvale residents in EC on edge following brutal murder of 7 people

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Residents of Nxankxashe village in Willowvale in the Eastern Cape say they are living in fear, following the fatal shooting of seven people over the weekend. It’s reported six of them, including two children, were on the way to Mabala village, when they were brutally murdered.

Another body was found in another vehicle a kilometre away from the first incident. The victims were all found dead with gunshot wounds.

Residents of Nkxankxashe village say they hear gunshot sounds every day at dusk. The hostilities brewing in the village have led to the death of the seven people, including that of 24-year-old Xolani Meje from Mabala village.

He was being accompanied home by the five others when they died in a hail of bullets.

Meje’s uncle and family Spokesperson, Headman Xhalisile, narrates what happened.

“This took place at night, around 11, but we came to know about it in the morning. When we arrived there, they were all dead. There were six people in the car and they were all dead, including two children. There were villagers telling us that they don’t know the people inside the car, so we must see if we can identify them. We looked and we didn’t know them. The only person we identified was Xoli Meje. We came to know that they are from Mthatha,” says Xhalisile.

Meje met his death while on his way home from Gauteng. This has left the people of Mabala village devastated. Some of the villagers, Nosiseko Guqiso and Inkosi Jongisizwe Matshini, who came to mourn with the bereaved family expressed their shock at the incident.

“This child was the only one who works in this home. His family depended on him to feed them. We couldn’t sleep last night. We don’t know how we will go to town because there’s only one way to town and it passes through Nkxankxashe which is killing people,” says Guqiso.

“We are also very scared. We sometimes work in Willowvale and it pains us because we have to go there since we have to sit for cases that involve residents. We get really scared when we have to go to that town,” says Matshini.

Eastern Cape police are still on the hunt of the suspects involved in the shooting incident.

Four of the deceased persons are reported to be members of the same family and have been identified as Nkqubela September, Luyolo September, Iviwe September and Busisiwe September.

The two others are Lubabalo Khumalo Mazwana and Bongani Maleki from Dutywa.