Willemse’s lawyer to take SuperSport matter to Equality Court

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Ashwin Willemse’s legal team has confirmed they will be taking the SuperSport matter to the Equality Court, just more than a month after he walked out of a studio while live on air.

He accused his fellow rugby analysts, Nick Mallett and Naas Botha of patronising him. The incident sparked a racial debate at the time after Willemse suggested that Botha and Mallett were undermining him.

On Tuesday, SuperSport released their findings of an independent review that found that there had been no racism.

Willemse’s Nqobizitha Mlilo says, “The forum that you’ve created with Advocate Maleka is an inadequate forum and therefore we require that the matter be refer to Humans Right Commission. But given the conduct of SuperSport, we now think the most appropriate forum to handle this matter is the Equality Court where all the parties concerned can be subjected to cross examination and evidence tested.”

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