Will South Africa survive its woes?

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Democratic South Africa emerged out of a period of unprecedented political violence.

Leaders who opted for talks over war helped ensure a smooth transition from apartheid, without horrors of a full-scale civil war.

The 25 year-democratic journey has been a roller-coaster ride for the country.

The quality of life for millions of previously disadvantaged South Africans has greatly improved; the country has at least 11 research breakthroughs in science and medicine; it is the Rugby World Cup holder; South Africa successfully hosted the 2010 Fifa Soccer World and run one of the most ambitious HIV/Aids treatment programmes in the world.

But, its highs are just as dazzling as its lows with some of the country’s citizens disillusioned by the state of democracy.

Political patronage, broken promises, the high rate of unemployment and an ailing economy has some reminiscing about the dark days of apartheid.

Marking the end of the SABC’s 2019 elections project, the Democracy Gauge team asked South Africans whether they are hopeful about the country’s future

Listen to some of their responses below:

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