Wildlife population has declined by two thirds: WWF Living Planet Report

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The World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report for 2020, which presents a comprehensive overview of the state of the natural world through the Living Planet Index, shows that the planet is in trouble.

The WWF Living Planet report found that since 1970, average wildlife populations have declined by two thirds. This biodiversity loss is believed to increase the planet’s vulnerability to pandemics, like COVID-19.

Dr Theressa Frantz of WWF South Africa says the Living Planet Report 2020 underlines how humanity’s increasing destruction of nature is having catastrophic impacts.

Frantz says, “We rely on nature for our life support system, basically, nature provides us with fresh air, clean drinking water, and our food system. In fact, also depends on biodiversity, pollinators that pollinate various food crops are critically important otherwise we wouldn’t have a diversity of food for example so it is absolutely critical that we talk of biodiversity because it is our life support system.”

WWF 2020 report shows wildlife populations decline by two thirds since 1970: