Wife accused of plotting husband’s murder appears in Ga-Rankuwa court alongside co-accused

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Mamokgethe Gertrude Mashimbi (41), Thandi Margaret Khumalo (38), William Maluleka (32), Nicholas Malope (35) and Jan Chauke (28) appear before Ga-Rankuwa District Court on Monday.

The five are accused of killing Thomas Mashimbi, a former police officer who was married to Mamokgethe Mashimbi.

The five are being charged with the murder of Thomas Mashimbi, a former police officer who was married to Mamokgethe Mashimbi. They are also charged with two counts of conspiracy or incitement to commit murder, housebreaking with intent to kill, murder with aggravating circumstances, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, fraud on only one accused, and perjury on only one accused.

Police investigations reveal that between 07 to 24 January 2018, Mamokgethe Mashimbi approached two individuals, now state witnesses, and incited them to commit a planned robbery at their marital home in Lebanon, near Winterveldt.

The two then failed to commit to the proposition but reported the matter to the police. She then approached Khumalo, who arranged a meeting with the other three accused.

According to reports, meetings were held between February 7 and February 24, 2018 to prepare for the execution of the plan to murder Mashimbi.

On 21 February 2018, Mamokgethe allegedly ensured that the gates and kitchen door were not properly closed to facilitate entry into the premises.

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It is alleged that she went to the police on 10 November 2017, and asked for a protection order against her husband. The order was granted, but he had his firearm confiscated pending the outcome of an internal SAPS process.

The state argues that this was part of the plan to disarm the deceased, to prevent him from defending himself when the attack is executed.

It is alleged that on 21 February 2018, Maluleka, Malope and Chauke entered the house and shot at the deceased, subsequently escaping the scene with two cellphones, a TV set and money estimated at R20 000.

Mamokgethe and two of their children were in the house when the plan unfolded, and she was unharmed during the commissioning of the crime. They were all arrested between 18 and 19 September 2019.

The trial is scheduled to continue until Friday, January 13. The state is expected to call more witnesses to prove its case; in the meantime, the five will remain in police custody until the matter is resolved.

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