Why Kenyans prefer EPL over ‘boring’ Afcon

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As Africa’s biggest football tournament draws to a close in Equatorial Guinea with Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea proceeding to the semifinals, many Kenyans have opted not to follow the games but have instead been glued on their television screens watching the ongoing English Premier League.

The fact that the country’s national team has seldom made it past the group stages might be a contributing factor to this behaviour.

Loyal English Premier League fans like Dennis Lwane who supports Chelsea, admitted he would only watch Afcon matches if there was no EPL.

“I watch EPL more than AFCON because I am a fan of this team and I am loyal to Chelsea and I believe that every match that is played by Chelsea I have responsibility so to speak to watch. It’s just a matter of loyalty to your to your team,” he said.

Fans like John Muhanzi said the lack of televised Afcon matches on local television had forced him to lose interest in the event.

“They were expecting it to be aired on local televisions, but they can’t. It’s not there and it’s coming at night. So you find that it’s difficult for a person to watch. Like the second match starts at 10:00pm … it becomes difficult for a person to stay awake and a match that starts at 10 and the next day he has to go to work.”

With the Afcon semifinal taking place this week, many entertainment sport joints are only expecting more EPL fans.

“I’m a fan of Manchester United, so I am used to watching the EPL. So this Afcon is so boring.”

Ruth Mbugua a waitress at Tribeka Club in Nairobi could only describe Afcon as boring.

“I’m a fan of Manchester United, so I am used to watching the EPL. So this Afcon is so boring,” she said.
Night clubs like Tribeka and other sports joints have remained relatively empty throughout the Afcon season, with just a few fans coming out to watch a match or two.
But Martin Thuo, is among those who see things different and believes in supporting African teams.
“I prefer watching African cup of nation simply because I love Africa and I have to support Africa. So, yeah, Afcon 2015 lets go,”he said
With four matches left in the tournament to the crowning of Africas best team, fans are looking forward to the showdown.

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