Whites needed to educate South Africans on how to utilise land: Lekota

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Congress of the People leader, Mosioua Lekota says white South Africans are needed as lecturers and teachers who will teach fellow South Africans how best to utilise the land given to them through the land redistribution process currently being debated in SA.

Lekota spoke to the media on Wednesday, explaining his party’s position on land expropriation without compensation. He says the apartheid government ensured that white people were educated.

“One of the few things that they did which was good was to invest in an education for white population of this country – because these are citizens of our country. We don’t need to buy them to come and help rebuild the country. All we need to do is to take them and use them to further develop the country so that we can uplift the big numbers of South Africans who were left behind. We need them as lectures, we want them as teachers.”

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