Whistleblower House happy with proposed reforms to whistleblowing legislation

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The civil society organisation, Whistleblower House, says that it is happy with the steps taken by the justice department in publishing recommendations on reforming the whistleblowing legislative regime.

The research, which is not yet a law, is aimed at evaluating the current legislation on protected disclosures and witness protection.

Director at Whistleblower House, Ben Theron says, “The house was started specifically because there was a lack of support, a lack of security, and dangers to whistleblowers. Long overdue, but we are extremely happy because the vast majority of requirements have been met by this. We need to be very clear; this is not draft legislation as yet. What this is, is a discussion document, a research paper that was released, and we have not even started the legislative process. This is still a long way off.”

SA reforming whistle-blowing legislative regime: