Where the DA governs it governs well: DA spokesperson Siviwe Gwarube

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Democratic Alliance (DA) National spokesperson Siviwe Gwarube says that where the DA governs it governs well. Gwarube was speaking at the DA’s virtual rally to kick off the party’s campaign ahead of the Local Government Elections.

She says she would like many more South Africans to choose in the October municipal elections to live in a municipality that works.

“It actually should not be a privilege to have a government that works for you, it should not have to be something that is an anomaly, it should be the norm and too many South Africans do not get to experience that and where we govern we govern well but also at the same time we are accountable and even where we err we correct those mistakes and even where our public reps do not live up to the commitment of putting South Africa first we take action against them. So for me, there is an accountable organisation, it is one that really understands that we work for South Africans and not the other way round.”

DA Federal Chairperson Ivan Meyer says the party’s Time for Change Rally is motivated by a need to prevent South Africa from becoming a failed state.

Meyer says the country is being mismanaged and the DA is ready to effect change.

“We need change because we do not have a government, we have a criminal syndicate as we have seen at the Zondo Commission the massive corruption, no service delivery, state theft, money disappear, every single constitution that is run by this South African government from Eskom to Transnet, every single municipality run by the current government in South Africa is a failed state its a sad story so change is necessary it is vital it is critical”