Gauteng residents can expect showers and thundershowers in the province this weekend. The South African Weather Service says some parts of the country will also experience some rainfall from this Saturday morning.

“For the country we looking at mostly rainfall occurring in western parts and eastern parts of the country with some rainfall expected on Saturday along the south coast and adjacent interior.

“Looking into Gauteng in particular we are going to have scattered showers and thundershowers and this will be mainly for the morning. We will have a bit of a break from the late morning into the afternoon and once again coming back in the evening for Gauteng,” says Weather forecaster Victoria Nurse.

JMPD warning to motorists

Gauteng motorists have been warned to drive with extra caution due to inclement weather.  Johannesburg Metro Police spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar, has appealed to motorists to adhere to the warning signs and not to try to cross low lying bridges.

“The roads circles become slippery when it is wet, therefore motorists need to adjust by reducing the speed. Switching on the vehicle headlights and to maintain the safe following distance at all times during the rain.”