Western Cape SACP commemorates Chris Hani’s legacy

Chris Hani
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The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape has held a commemoration service in honour of the late Chris Hani who was assassinated 30 years ago outside his home.

The former SACP leader was gunned down outside his home in Boksburg by Polish immigrant, Janusz Walus.

The service was addressed by the African National Congress (ANC) Chairperson and member of the SACP Central Committee, Gwede Mantashe.

“Highlights about Chris are that he was an allrounder in the alliance, he was a leader of the ANC, he was the leader of the Communist Party, and he was the leader of Umkhonto We Sizwe. So, all of them… he was not half-hearted about them. He led them successfully. He kept them together. He worked in all of them,” said Mantashe.

Reconfiguration of the alliance

The 30th commemoration comes about when a debate is brewing within the alliance and its reconfiguration, as Mantashe elaborates.

“That debate must begin in earnest whether we have a reconfigured alliance that liquidates the ANC, or we strengthen the alliance of three independent partners of the alliance. I am more tempted to the latter one but I want all these three partners to be strong all of them and work together to strengthen the alliance.”

SACP Provincial Secretary in the Western Cape, Benson Ngqentsu says the debate is long overdue.

“Some forces within the alliance have been blue-ticking this whole debate about reconfiguration. It has been there to the point of compiling what we call a joint document and it does appear that some organs within the alliance never paid attention to that document but today, the fact that the discussion is on the agenda of the ANC, I think that is a step forward.”

During his address, Mantashe also spoke about the role Chris Hani would have taken in all of the societal issues confronting the country.

VIDEO | Remembering Chris Hani 30 years after his assassination: