The Western Cape is getting ready to launch what it says is one of its most thrilling and ambitious tourism products, the world’s longest zipline. Set in the picturesque Overberg mountains near Caledon, the project is due to be completed this summer.

It will be just over three kilometres in length and will be called the “K3” It will snatch the crown from the current world record holder in the United Arab Emirates by around 500 metres.

Western Cape Minister of Tourism, David Maynier, says the experience is set to enhance the Overberg’s growing tourism footprint.

“It’s another world-class tourism product and experience in the form of the world’s longest zipline in the Southern hemisphere. 3.5kms long and I think it’s going to go a long way to boost the tourism and hospitality sector and contribute ultimately to the recovery of tourism and hospitality in the Western Cape,” says Maynier.

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