Overstrand Fire Chief, Lester Smith, says strong winds could cause more flare-ups in the fires in the Western Cape region on Monday.

He says the main area of concern is Hermanus where the fire is burning high-up in the mountains. Low cloud is also a problem, limiting the use of aerial support.

Smith says the two firefighters who were injured on Sunday have been treated for an ankle injury and smoke inhalation.

Smith says fresh crew are going in now to relieve overnight teams.

“Current status for the Franskraal fire is not contained yet; still some hot areas. Crews are busy working on that trying to make that fire safe. The Betty’s Bay fire, yesterday  also had a flare up but crews managed to put that out. Not contained yet but still working on the lines. The biggest complement of vehicles currently is at Karwyderskraal, Heemel-en-aarde and Hermanus fire,” says Smith.