The Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs says the outbreak of avian flu amongst wild seabirds in the province has seen more than 21 000 dead birds, with the most deaths being on Dyer island off Gansbaai since the outbreak last month.

The Cape Cormorant remains most affected.

Department spokesperson, James-Brent Styan says the numbers of dead birds continues to drop with less than 100 dead birds being reported per day.

“The numbers remain low but constant at the moment. All efforts continue to manage the situation, with the primary focus on responding swiftly to areas where dead and sick birds are found and then (we) implement a clean-up. All our stakeholders continue to work hard to address the situation where it crops up,” says James-Brent Styan.

The department says the results of the testing that has been conducted by state veterinarian services, following the alarming spike in seal deaths in the province, remain outstanding.

Spokesperson James-Brent Styan says they hope the results will provide clearer answers.

Large numbers of dying seals have been washing up along the province’s coast.