The Department of Labour in the Western Cape has closed down the George and Thembalethu magistrates’ courts in George, in the Southern Cape, for non-compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations.

Two factories, Lancewood and the George Link Company, were also shutdown for non-compliance.

“This week we decided to come to George so we’d have a list of all the positive cases reported by companies.  Our primary focus is to determine whether proper tracing and proper isolation and proper disinfecting is done at the workplaces.  That we’ve done yesterday, and during that process, we identified four companies that did not adhere to those protocols and we, unfortunately, had to close them down,” explains Chief Inspector, David Esau.

Esau says the move is only a temporary measure and the businesses will resume operation once safety protocols are adhered to.

The Western Cape currently accounts for 32.6 % of the total number of coronavirus cases in South Africa, with 73 292 infections.  So far the province has recorded 2 192 COVID-19 related deaths.

South Africa has 224 665 coronavirus cases with a total of 3 602.

Below are the latest coronavirus stats in South Africa: