Westbury residents demand deployment of soldiers

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Westbury residents, west of Johannesburg have shut down the area. They are demanding that soldiers be deployed to fight alleged gangsterism in the area.

A woman was fatally shot and her niece wounded in a shootout on Thursday, allegedly between rival gang members.

On Monday evening, protesters have set alight the Rea Vaya station in Westbury amid continuing unrest in the area.

On Friday, the community vented their anger on the streets, burning tyres and blocking roads.

Following the community unrest, it is confirmed that the Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele will visit Westbury on Tuesday. Police have maintained a heavy presence where residents have been staging protests.

Motorists are being pelted with rocks. School children are also taking part in the violence.

Angry community members in constant running battles with police.

Community members have accused the government of turning a blind eye to the high crime in their area, including gang violence and drug dealing.

The MMC of Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg, Michael Sun, says the anger of the community members is understandable.

“I am here to see what is going on for my own eyes. I agree with them they have a reason to be angry. For years this community was left and whenever there’s a situation, there’s violence. You see big shot politicians and big shot officials coming down to have a meeting. But then there’s no solution. We’re saying there needs to be underground presence. We, certainly from the City of JHB, want to deal with the violence, want to deal with the shooting, the drug dealing but when this goes on, police can’t do their jobs.”