Happiness is a feeling that’s different for every person and measuring this is not an easy feat. Wellbeing Economists have developed a Gross National Happiness Index to measure the level of joy in the country.

The index is using Twitter to research how the mood in South Africa is.

Two well-being professors have come up with a way people can try measure their of happiness.

Professor Talita Greyling from the University of Johannesburg and Dr Stephanie Rossouw from Auckland University of Technology are behind the Gross National Happiness Index.

This index was launched on the 30th of April 2019 in South Africa.

“Happiness is hard to measure alone. We are looking at subjective happiness as well as the economics of happiness. That is what we measuring,” says professor Greyling.

On the week before the elections the research index was put to the test by monitoring the mood of the country using Twitter.

Tweets are monitored in real-time daily.

This research is currently being assisted by an IT company – AFSTEREO and funded by Professor Greyling and Dr Rossouw.

The Gross National Happiness Index has so far shown the roller-coaster emotions of South Africans.