The weak rand is the main reason for the steep fuel price hikes that will come into effect after midnight today. The rand has been on the back foot amid concerns about emerging markets as well as the US tightening of economic policy. The petrol price will increase by between 99 cents and one rand 24 a litre in the mainland. Consumers also face steep increases in other fuel costs.

Meanwhile, during the launch of the October Transport Month Campaign in Johannesburg yesterday, Gauteng Roads and Transport MEC Ismail Vadi encouraged commuters to make use of public transport.

“Now with the fuel increase, the recent increase, this is really going to bite into people’s pocket. We have to begin to consider alternatives. You know a casual glance at any of our freeways during the peak hours; you’ll find so many people. You know it is many cars and one person. I don’t think it’s sustainable, if we’re not going to opt for public transport. I think we are going to have to start seriously considering car-sharing, lift clubs, ride-sharing initiatives so that we can really bring down the congestion and cost of transport,” he says.

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