We need to introspect: Moahlodi

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Nomafa Moahlodi (77) is a retired teacher. Nomafa made a significant difference to the area of Brandfort, since her arrival in 1962.

She shared a close friendship with the late struggle stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and played a prominent role in developing Brandfort.

Moahlodi believes that 1994 was a very significant year, that’s when the first black President,  Nelson Mandela was able to speak freely with people.

“People were now able to go to town freely, we in Brandfort were able to enter into shops where we couldn’t enter before. There was a window that we used as black people in the past where you had to use your hand to buy and asked for anything you wanted, it was only white people who entered the shops to buy. I was staying in the same street as Winnie Mandela, when I went to work I passed by her place.”

Moahlodi  and Madikizela-Mandela did many things together, one of which was about kids since she herself is a teacher. “My work was similar to what she used to do. And because she was under house arrest and we didn’t know her qualifications but she loved people,” Moahlodi.

Although she notes that under democracy a lot of things have changed. However, Moahlodi still thinks that we need to introspect ourselves, especially the youth.

“I feel like when you go to your offices you must change your attitudes and have an attitude of building a well-balanced nation. I choose yellow, when I say we must introspect I mean I’m a granny but I don’t enjoy my role as a granny. For instance you as my grandchild you don’t have time for me, you are busy on WhatsApp. Even if I want to warn you, you take it as though I want you to do what I did.”