‘We need a system that’s going to eliminate fraud’

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Social Development spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant says there are many processes that need to be followed regarding the changing of the service provider in respect of grant payments.

Last week, a joint meeting of the oversight committee on Social development and SCOPA gave National Treasury until Monday (today) to review the processes that Sassa and the South African Post Office have gone through to allow SAPO to take over the payments of social grants.

Oliphant says it’s not an easy process. “There are supply chain processes there are deviations that had to be done.  Everybody needs to be taken on board. We are looking for a social grant payment system, a payment system that is going to be beneficiary centred. We are looking for a system that is going to eliminate fraud in the system. Thirdly it must be able to promote economic activity around pay-points,” says Oliphant.