Cosatu has highlighted the issue of youth unemployment, saying the South African business sector lacks innovation in job creation. This as Workers’ Day rallies around the country focused on the rights of workers.

Wednesday, May 1 marked International Workers’ Day.

Many speakers addressing the main rally in Durban also acknowledged the high rate of unemployment in South Africa.

Speaking on Morning Live, the federation’s General Secretary, Bheki Ntshalintshali says the country needs re-industrialisation, which will help create job opportunities for young people.

He says: “We have to address the issue of youth unemployment head on. The education system is failing them. We are not innovative or creating new jobs.”

The majority of the unemployed in the country is made up of young people between the ages of 15 to 34.

Ntshalintshali says: “We are told the only way we can live on is to go to tourism. Yes, tourism is important but we need re-industrialisation. There is a lot to be done by the youth and if you look to the issue of service delivery, there are people there with the capacity to work but they are unemployed.”

He also adds that the issue of the minimal wage is problematic as it is simply not enough to support the high cost of living.

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