‘We believe this law denies us our rights as the Khoi-San descendants’

Khoisan Poster
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The First Indigenous Nation of Southern Africa (FINSA) has raised concerns over the signing into law of the traditional and Khoi San Leadership Bill  saying they were never consulted on changes made to the Bill.

The Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act seeks to transform traditional and Khoi-San institutions and restore the integrity and legitimacy to their customary laws and practices. It also provides for the protection and promotion of the institutions of traditional and Khoi-San leadership.

Some groups oppose the Bill, citing fears that it could effectively bring back apartheid style Bantustans.

The head of FINSA Greg Steven Fick says, “Instead of the President signing this bill into law, we believe that this law denies us our rights as the Khoi-San descendants. It was not fair, there was no fair consultation, and the consent was not tied to us… even by the changes that were made in the late stage of the Bill. We were never consulted on the changes, and we believe it was our constitutional right to challenge this law in the Constitutional Court.”


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