‘We are here to say as South Africans, No No No’

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DA leader John Steenhuisen says they will vehemently oppose the proposed 18.65 percent electricity tariff hike for Eskom.

He led thousands of his supporters in a march against load shedding to the ANC head offices in Johannesburg earlier on Wednesday.

The official opposition accused the ANC of deliberately engineering the rolling blackouts.

Last week the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) approved the tariff hike for electricity for this year.

Steenhuisen says South Africans can no longer take the responsibility of the ANC’s mismanagement.

He says today’s march was the genesis of a rolling mass action against ANC governance.

“We are not going to accept the 18.65 percent tariff increase and that spineless man sitting in that house who a week ago told us that – my hands are tied; I can’t do anything. And let me tell this as well, I am calling on all South Africans to make today the beginning, this is not the end this is the beginning of a peaceful rolling mass action across the country because this is the language that the people at Luthuli House understand. If they think we are going to stay and accept the tariff increase we must now pay for their corruption for their cadre deployment we are here to say as South Africans, No No No.”

VIDEO | DA leader John Steenhuisen addresses supporters: