‘We are doing what we can to assist students waiting for NSFAS funding’

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Management at the Nelson Mandela University’s George Campus say they are doing what they can to assist nearly 400 students who are still waiting for their accommodation and meal funding from NSFAS.

The students have been forced to squat in residences, corridors and even the library on campus.

A new criteria by NSFAS which states that courses that have less than 60 credits are not considered for funding is being appealed by the university.

With accommodation on campus limited, most of these students need the money to be able to afford private facilities in town.

Head of Student Life and Development, Dr Sefoko Ramoshaba, says although not ideal, it is the only way he has been able to assist the students with a place to sleep, and meals where possible.

“Time and again there’ll be some students who arrive before NSFAS can respond to them. We don’t take them home, because they’re coming as far as Durban, Nelspruit, and Mpumalanga, so we’ll give them temporary accommodation until NSFAS responds. This year we are faced with a strange situation where the extended programmes on campus are not funded by NSFAS for accommodation and catering,” says Ramoshaba.

In an earlier statement, NSFAS said it is in the process of collecting information about students who do not have accommodation.

Delays in NSFAS funding cost Nelson Mandela University students accommodation