Water restrictions retained in W Cape

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The Water and Sanitation Department has decided to retain the current water restrictions placed on the Western Cape. This comes after the City of Cape Town requested the department to review the current status of the water in the system.

The collective dam levels across the province currently stands at 55 % compared to 16 % in April this year. The city, that is currently on level 6b water restrictions, proposed that the urban water usage restrictions be relaxed from 45 % to 40 % and the agricultural restriction be relaxed from 60 % to 65 %.

These restrictions were put in place by the department in order to preserve the water in the dams during the prevailing drought.

“Based on where the situation is at, the department has decided to retain the restrictions as they are. We were due to look at it again at the end of the hydrological cycle which is at the end of September,” says Department Spokesperson Sputnik Ratau.

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