Water restrictions in the City of Cape Town are set to be lowered from Level 6b to Level 5 from next month. This means residents are now limited to using 70 litres of water per person per day, instead of 50.

Capetonians are also set to pay less for municipal water.

Drought stricken Capetonians are finally in for some relief After months of higher water costs and stringent restrictions. While the lowered restrictions are by no means a free pass to waste the precious resource, it does offer residents a reprieve from the increased costs of municipal water.

Deputy Mayor, Ian Nielson has made the announcement during a media briefing in Cape Town.

An average household which uses under 6 kilolitres per month can now expect a saving of close to R8 per kilolitre.

“The water restrictions and associated tariffs are going to be lowered in the interim to level 5 from the 1st October 2018. And this will bring tariff relief of between 26,5 and 70% per kilolitre of water depending on the usage and tariff category. The water usage target will be increased from 50 l to 70 l per person per day, and the daily collective consumption target will increase by 50 million litres to 500 million litres to make sure that water conservation efforts remain in place,” explains Nielson.

Commercial and industrial tariffs will decrease by 18% to R37.50 per kilolitre.

The City says says the good rainfall at the beginning of winter and the commendable water saving efforts of Capetonions have made the easing of restrictions possible.

Dam levels are currently at 68% up considerably from the 38% at the end of winter last year.

Nielson says the municipality is awaiting a response by the National Department of Water and Sanitation, on further possible adjustments.

“The relaxation of restrictions is a moderate proposal which is based on a hydrological risk assessment that indicates that it is safe to do so at the level of risk agreed upon. Of course the level 5 restriction guidelines for water usage will apply and we are confident that the significant behavioural change that we’ve seen pertaining to water conservation will prevail to a large extent.”

The City says the daily supply limits for households with water management devices will remain at 350 litres per day and will only be increased once restrictions drop to level 3.

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