Water problem in Hammanskraal is widespread: SAHRC

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The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says it is watching with keen interest the City of Tshwane’s implementation of its recommendations.

The city has been advised to urgently fix its ailing Hammanskraal water supply system.

This as the country celebrates the 25th anniversary since former president Nelson Mandela’s signing of the country’s constitution.

The legal framework comes with a range of benefits with water being one of many that remain inaccessible for many communities.

SAHRC Commissioner Jonas Sibanyoni says the water problem is widespread.

“This problem is not only confined to Gauteng or specifically to Hammanskraal. It affects other areas in South Africa. Now the question that a person has to ask is whether or not the Constitution has failed Hammanskraal people.”

“I will immediately say yes. Because there has been some instruction issued relating to steps that the City of Tshwane was supposed to take in trying to resolve the problem but [that] has not been done,” adds Sibanyoni.

Hammanskraal residents bemoan water crisis for over two decades: