The growing problem of water shortages and management of sanitation and waste water will be discussed at a three-day conference starting in Cape Town on Tuesday morning.

The Sustainable Sanitation, Waste and Water Management Conference will be attended by more than 2 000 delegates from across the world.

The gathering comes at a time when the Mother City’s water crisis has abated, but South Africa continues to face drought challenges.

Head of the Cape Town Convention Bureau, Corne Koch, says issues on the agenda include better water management in developing countries.

“The proper and sustainable management of sanitation, waste and water resources is a fundamental goal of the United Nations. The management of these resources has a direct bearing on the quality of lives for all but more especially communities and cities. Fresh water resources are depleting at an alarming rate contaminated by human waste from industries at households which compounds the water scarcity problem that currently affects one out of every ten people worldwide,” states Koch.