Watch | State Capture inquiry continues with Memela’s testimony

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Former Head of Procurement at SAA Technical, Nontsasa Memela has continued to deny allegations of wrongdoing levelled against her at the commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

Memela is facing a third day of grilling at the commission. She has disputed allegations that she gave sensitive pricing information regarding a SAAT bidding tender to a local bidding company.

The commission also questioned Memela on WhatsApp messages between her SRS Aviation founding member and director, Sibongile Sambo.

SAAT board’s visit to AAR Corporation

Memela failed to advise SAAT board members that they were not allowed to have meeting with bidders while a tender was still open. According to SAAT Clause, people in decision making roles – including board members – were not allowed to interact with bidders while the tender was running.

Responding to questions at the State Capture Commission on why the SAAT board visited the AAR corporation in Chicago while it was bidding for a contract to supply components to SAAT, Memela says the SAA and SAA Technical board had their own legal advisors and she did not see the need to advise them.

“I am not the advisor of the board and the decision was taken by the SAA board and because it was a matter of technical they decided that the reason why they went to AAR was to view their facilities. before they can discuss anything in regards to the partnership framework . I was only informed on the day we were going to Chicago that we will be going on a trip and the reason why they came with me was to ensure that I don’t allow AAR or any other party to talk about anything that has to do with the tender.”