WATCH: Justice Minister briefs media on Bosasa contracts

Micheal Masutha
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Justice Minister Michael Masutha says the Department of Correctional Services has given African Global Operations formerly known as Bosasa 30 days to terminate the nutrition contract.

The department says it undertook in-loco inspections of kitchens at a number of correctional centres.

Out of 226 kitchens, 31 of them provided nutrition services through an outsourced service – where 26 kitchens are being serviced by African Global Operations.

“AGO notified DCS of its intention to apply for voluntary liquidation. Consequently, DCS served AGO with a 30 day notice to cancel the contract with nutritional services 7 seven management areas – contract HO3/2016. This was the last contract that DCS had with the AGO or any of its subsidiaries.”

He further adds that Department of Correctional Services employees – who have been implicated in acts of impropriety at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture – must provide reasons why they should not be suspended.

“Without prejudice, officials … who were implicated in acts of impropriety in the testimonies given at the Zondo Commission, have been served with noticed in accordance with rules of natural justice to show cause why they should not be placed under precautionary suspension. Following these developments, DCS management developed and implemented a business continuity plan to ensure that the provision of nutritional services is not disrupted.”