[WATCH] ANC continues with its efforts to withdraw SA from ICC

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The African National Congress (ANC) says it will continue its efforts of withdrawing South Africa from the International Criminal Court and is following the necessary steps. This was announced by the sub-committee on the party’s Policy Discussion Documents on International Relations on Sunday.

ANC sub-committee Chairperson for International Relations Edna Molewa says the mandate to withdraw South Africa from the International Criminal Court is still on track.

“As at this point in time, there has not been any review of that mandate. In that regard as a subcommittee we have been going on and we understood that mandate to be saying, as we withdraw from the ICC and I would like South Africans to listen carefully here.”

“We need to ensure that we consult at the AU level which has been happening thought the time since the decision was made. We also needed to ensure that there is a discussion at ICC level on some possible amendments on the statutes.”

In 2016 the ANC announced it will be withdrawing from the International Criminal Court, but the North Gauteng High Court found that cabinet’s decision to deliver the notice to the ICC without parliament’s approval was invalid and unconstitutional.

Molewa says they are currently consulting with other countries, which are part of the ICC to have the issues around the Immunities act amended.

“I must say we have personally had discussions with other countries where we discussed a matter related to the amendment of the statutes.”

“Relating to the issues of fact that we can allow some of the presidents to visit South Africa the story of Al Bashir what do you call, immunities.”

And while other countries continue to grapple with conflict, Molewa says they have prioritised the ANC’s mandate to ensure for a peaceful world and peaceful Africa.

Molewa also told journalist it will continue to support Lesotho, who has just come out of the country’s elections.

“Concerns that the military may not accept, I think as far as we know right now there is on-going process of setting up the government. The election results have been announced we haven’t been officially informed on any other thing, so we take it that Lesotho’s elections has gone ahead.”

The ANC is expected to discuss the documents during its 5th National Policy Conference later in June.

Watch the full ANC media briefing on International Relations Discussion document below.

– By Mbali Sibanyoni