The following story contains graphic descriptions, which may upset sensitive readers.

A couple in Warrenton in the Northern Cape insists their decision to bury their baby in a shallow grave behind their home was a necessary one.

The baby was eight months old at the time of her death earlier this month.

Her father says burying her in a shallow grave was a tough decision they couldn’t avoid.

He says the baby died of natural causes but they had no money for the burial and had nowhere else to turn.

The father says they did the best they could for their child.

“It is okay even if they arrest me. God is for all of us. I did what I had to because the baby was not insured and I am unemployed. I have nothing,” he says.

The audio below contains graphic descriptions, which may upset some listeners, including children:

He claims that the incident is taking a toll on his family. “We are not okay. We are not doing well at all. I also hate what happened. I’m even losing weight as a result of this. I am exhausted.”

Neighbours of the couple are shocked at the discovery of the shallow grave.

“We never thought something like this would happen here. As parents, we are hurting. How can one do this after carrying a child for nine months?,” asks one neighbour.

“This has hurt me. I have not spoken to my neighbours because even looking at them saddens me. This was just a baby,” adds another.

Police took the child’s parents in for questioning after exhuming her following a tip-off.

The couple has since been released, but an inquest docket into the child’s death has been opened.