[WARNING:GRAPHIC CONTENT] Situation in Gaza dire: Ansari

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Concerns about the plight of people in Gaza remain amid the extension of the Israel Hamas truce by another two days.

Qatar says the situation remains dire.

Speaking exclusively to SABC News, Qatar’s Foreign Affairs Department Spokesperson Dr Majed Al Ansari says some of their members saw human corpses in the streets in Gaza.

He says, “We cannot as an international community stay silent and hope for this war to end on its own. We have to do all that we can. Now, there are corpses being eaten by dogs in the streets.”

Ansari says, “ This is not something in the 20th century we should be accepting as a human community of this world – it is mainly a humanitarian issue. Our focus should be humanitarian side of it, our main focus was to get those we can get home to the families as soon as possible.

He says two South Africans who were held hostage have also been released.

Ansari says, “We are very thankful that we were able to send those back to their families including South African citizens yesterday ( Sunday) and we hope that can do more, but the main goal here is for the escalation to happen and where we can end this war.”

“This is a cycle of violence. It did not start on the 7th of October it is a result of decades of occupation that has put the Palestinian lives always second to the lives of others,” he adds.

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